How is Brexit affecting the Funeral industry

mart. 21, 2019 | News

Brexit and the UK funerals Industry

With the deadline looming and uncertainty still in the air there is an awful lot that could change and affect the funerals industry. Have a look at our latest blog below for more information. As we head steadily towards Brexit, it is certain that no industry is going to emerge unscathed from this radical divergence. The most unfortunate outcome would indeed be a NO DEAL Brexit which could in turn mean Britain will be forced to deal with Europe as the island we are, without any free trade agreements.

Either way, as a service industry, the direct implications on the funeral sector will be far-reaching, whatever type of Brexit we are handed.

Some of the key areas that will definitely be hit are:

  • Reduced Turnover
  • Supply Chain
  • Repatriations and Policies
  • Changing Legislation
  • EU Employees

CEO and Managing Director of the Company, Alexandra, noted:

It is truly unforeseen that we are so close to such an important agreement and noone really knows how it will affect the industry for definite. We are hoping the relevant authorities and associations provide an update as soon as possible so as to be able to arrange our affairs and move forward.

We would advise all businesses in the industry to be diligent, meticulous and organised in their future planning as there could be many changes in legislation and not only due to Brexit. Better be organised than sorry..

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